Pellet Plates
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Knife Production

In addition to the Die Plate programme we manufacture all types of granulating knives for machines used in the plastic and rubber industries.

These knives are manufactured according to our own design or to the customer's request. All knives are vacuum-hardened and thus have close tolerance with reference to hardness.

Dimensional accuracy is checked during fabrication. Knives are ground within closest tolerances, reaching a plane-parallelism of 0.02 mm - depending each on material and design.

The following materials are used for manufacturing knives:
  1. Tool or high speed steel with high carbide contents through-hardened max. 62 HRC
  2. Stainless steel with high portions of chromium and carbon, with hardness of max. 60 HRC
  3. Titanium-Carbide-Materials (Ferrotitanit) for pelletizing PP and abrasive Polymer-Products:
  • as solid material knife with a hardness of up to 62 HRC
  • as bimetal knife with a TiC cutting edge soldered or sintered
    into a stainless steel body

In addition to Pelletizer Die Plates and Knives, we also manufacture
Knife-Holders and Breaker Plates.

We also recondition and rebuild all the above items, when upon request.