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Pelletizer Production

We produce and repair all types of Pelletizer Die Plates for all Machines currently available.

All plates are produced from high quality chrome-nickel steel or any other
quality steel specified by the customer.

Heating media for the Die Plates:
  • Steam up to 60 bar or oil up to 320 °C.
  • Product pressure up to 300 bar.
  • Die Plates from 50 to 8000 holes dependant on specifications.
  • Heat Channel or Heat Exchange Design in a one piece design.

Die Plates with hardened surfaces for a longer wear life:

  1. Tungsten Carbide (WC) tiles
  2. New Development of Titanium Carbide (TiC) tiles
  3. Tungsten Carbide (WC) cylinder nibs,
    inlayed into the cutting surface of the Die Plate
  4. Titanium Carbide (TiC) cylinder nibs,
    inlayed into the cutting surface of the Die Plate
  5. Titan-Carbid Segmente (TiC) segments, soldered

Other hard coatings like Flame Plating, Nitrating, TiN, or CrN are available.

The new development of supplying the Pellet Plate surface with TiC tiles or
nibs offers considerable advantages compared to WC:

  • lower heat conductivity,
  • thermal expansion is closer to steel body expansion,
  • higher corrosion resistance

A further advatage of a tile faced plate compared to cylindrical inserts is the
total coverage of the cutting surface area.

With cylindrical inserts only approx. 75% is covered and therefore subject to more wear.

The Die Plates are used to pelletize LDPE; LLDPE; HDPE, PP, ABS, Masterbatch and other Polymer Products such as EVA, SAN & Acrylacetat.

Besides manufacturing new Pelletizer Die Plates, we also recondition used plates. Our Tile Facing Process can be used to substitute and be adapted
to the surface of any suitable Pelletizer Die Plate.

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